Barter Players – Miss Nelson is Missing + Workshop

Date(s) - Jan. 20
1:00 pm workshop and 3:00 pm performance

$5 Children; $10 Adults

A musical based on the book by Harry Allard & James Marshall, adapted by Joan Cushing

At Horace Smedley Elementary School the kids of Room 207 are famous…for being bad. Despite the best efforts of their kind teacher, Miss Nelson, these fifth graders wreak havoc each day in the classroom. Spitballs fly, paper airplanes soar, and no one has done their homework in weeks. After one particularly bad day, Miss Nelson simply does not return to school. In her place, comes a substitute teacher who would make a crocodile look cuddly: the nefarious Viola Swamp. She is dressed like a witch and gives them so much homework that they are certain they will die. Finally the kids of 207 decide to take matters into their own hands by hiring a detective to find their dear Miss Nelson, and FAST!